Successful Stories


Providing high quality services based upon scientific sampling from one of the best household sampling frame, honest analysis of the research findings and daring presentation of the results earned SMAR the goodwill it deserved. The men at the helm of business affairs started believing that only “SMAR could pave the direction for business growth. ” A leading automobile manufacturer from japan commented “SMAR’s recommended change in methodology, its perfect execution in the shortest possible time(12 hours) and interpretations of the results were an eye opener for us.” While talking of SMAR’s organizational capabilities on the conclusion of the eight-day product workshop (a sort of central location test) in a fashionable hotel in Karachi, a senior executive from japan remarked. “All thanks and appreciations are for SMAR. I have left my heart with them.”

After going through SMAR,s 1974 research report on biscuit industry and market in Pakistan, the managing director of one of the leading Biscuit Manufacturer’s in Pakistan spontaneously remarked that it was the best report he had ever received and he will treasure it in a red cover just like Chinese great leader Mao-Tse Tung’s Red Book. Therefore, he always stressed that his research studies be conducted with SMAR’s scientific for impact on business growth.

In a competition starved packed biscuits market, restricting market growth, SMAR felt the need for competitive activities, including advertising and below the line promotions to expand the overall market as well as the client’s sales. Hence, SMAR recommended launch of a new brand of biscuits with altogether separate identity, network and promotional campaign to create competition which could expand the overall market. The advice was accepted and the client still fondly recalls the suggestion by SMAR.

In somewhat similar circumstances, a leading multinational, at the time of launching a soluble analgesic tablet, invited several research agencies to submit their proposals for a household U&A survey. SMAR refused to accept analgesic tablet as a household product and held out that this was an individual’s product-just like cigarettes. They felt that all members of a household may not be using the same brand. Some of them might be allergic to certain formulations. Hence, they proposed to carry out the survey amongst the universe comprising the entire adult population. The survey findings proved that the original thought process was 100% accurate. The client still remembers that historic event and quite often quotes it to their staff.